Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The iPhone as a Murder Suspect

Ever since my sister Joyce and her friend, Steve, gave me an iPhone 3G for my birthday last July, I’ve been searching for ways to explain to my more conservative peers, particularly members of the eCoast Angels, why I think the iPhone is such a revolutionary device. Here is a fine explanation.

“You may not realize it, but your mobile phone is a cold-blooded killer,” writes Dan Shapiro.

“The first victim, the phone booth, wasn’t particularly well-loved, and nobody was expecting a complete extermination.

“The next victims were just “accidents.” Seen anyone whip out a paper address book lately? And who would have thought that a little thing like the clock on the phone’s home screen could cause so many business professionals to stop wearing watches? Just who, exactly, is next?”

Dan proposes the following framework for evaluation.

1. Every phone’s got it. Until a feature is a part of every phone, mainstream, non-tech-savvy America won’t notice that it’s there—camera phones only penetrated everyone’s consciousness when they were everywhere.
2. The user experience really works on a phone. Mobile TV is coming. SMS remains the definitive mobile success story, but don’t wait for the end of email.
3. It crosses the Good Enough Threshold. The “GET” is the point where the best phone experience exceeds the minimum consumer bar for the feature.

You can read Dan directly and see his list of likely murder victims by linking directly to his post. And thanks again, Joyce and Steve.


  1. Nice! I have to admit my watch is in my drawer and my address book? Who knows?

  2. Great posting. The cell phone is also leading to the end of having a "home" phone number. Your cell phone is your home number and it goes everywhere that you are...at work, shopping, on vacation and even into the mens/ladies room. No longer will there be an "excuse" for why you didn't get someone's call because you weren't home. You are always home with your cell phone, even when your are out of town. Thanks George for great insight.

  3. The smartphone has the potential to kill some other well known life gadgets, such as:

    -TV remote control
    -Garage door opener
    -Flashlight (OK this one is going to take a big advancement in battery power, although I do use the Flashlight app on my iPhone every night to go upstairs)
    -Paper coupons
    -Airline boarding passes

    I would love to see the smartphone get rid of my wallet. Why do I need to lug around a BJs card, Grocery Store rewards card, health insurance card, etc. And replacing my bank and credit cards would be interesting...

  4. Alex, my wallet used to be big and black and bulging with dough, but we don't describe it that way anymore. I just downloaded an application called "Blaze Wallet" but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. It claims to do what you want and more. Check it out on the iTunes store, but make sure to check the user comments because they were far from favorabile. If you try it, give us a report.

  5. I gave my wife an Iphone for Christmas (I for one choose to live in the dark ages after going to Blackberry rehab).

    In the car we have no more radio station debates (shes on the Iphone). Waking up she reaches for her Iphone for weather. During spare time she is playing Scrabble with her sister (also on an Iphone, in Jackson Hole Wy). As she says, she has out-geeked me.

    No Murder here, but I am now an Iphone Widow.....