Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mobile Cloud Computing As A Disruptive Force

“Mobile cloud computing is poised to become a disruptive force in the mobile world,” with the biggest changes occurring at the intersection of mobile computing and cloud computing, reads the invitation to “The First International Workshop on Mobile Cloud Computing & Services: Social Networks and Beyond.”

By coincidence, this notice arrived just after I completed yesterday’s post, IT's Perfect Storm: Where Smart Phones, The Cloud, and Virtualization Meet. Since our views, while not identical, are in harmony, I was most interested in their rationale and in their suggestions for research.

The rationale: “Mobile phone applications demand greater resources and improved interactivity for better user experience. Resources in cloud computing platforms such as Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, and Google AppEngine are a natural fit to remedy the lack of local resources in mobile devices. Mobile cloud computing refers to an infrastructure where data storage and data processing happen outside of the mobile device enabling a new class of applications previously not possible, e.g. context-aware mobile social networks.”

Suggested topics for research and paper submissions are:

• Mobile cloud computing programming model
• Mobile social networks: applications and experiences, system design and architecture
• Data services and architectures
• Cloud-assisted energy management of mobile devices
• Mobile device virtualization
• Fairness and isolation of mobile devices in the cloud
• Large scale mobile cloud applications
• Data privacy and security
• High availability and reliability
• Economic considerations in offering mobile cloud computing services
• Distribution of resources and computation between mobile devices and the cloud
• Data mining and machine learning in mobile cloud computing
• Context-aware services and computing

PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS are Richard Han, University of Colorado, and Li Erran Li, Bell Labs.


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