Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Xconomy Cloud3 Presentations Available

I attended Xconomy’s Cloud3 Forum last month (December 10). Once again, they attracted a sellout crowd of 220 professionals. To reduce the strain of taking detailed notes, I asked moderator Wade Roush if he could post the presentations online. Seven companies allowed this; you can download and review them here.

Posted are presentations from seven speakers :Tom Leighton at Akamai, Joe Chung at Allurent, Michael Feinberg at EMC, Jim Cuff from Iron Mountain, Hasan Alkhatib at Microsoft, Anand Rajarem at Pixily, and last, (but very far from least) Greg Arnette from Sonian.

During the lectures, we used the Twitter “backchannel” to collect audience comments. Here are a few from a well respected local technologist you can use as a guide to the presentations:

“#xcloud EMC's Feinstein describing Atmos hybrid/federated cloud strategy.. damn good ideas.. from a Mass co.. How come nobody knows?

“#xcloud Conf terrific after coffee break.. Caffeine got the animal spirits stirring! EMC Cloudman Feinstein giving meaty talk'

"#xcloud Ex-Microsoftie, now Googler @dondodge blogging on his new Mac! .. no Win VM methinks

"#xcloud Breaking News! Microsoft's Vision detailed in today's presentation!

"#xcloud. 25 min into Azure prez and finally substance.. Azure GA on New Years Day, billing on Feb 1, 2010. But WHAT is still mystery.

"#xcloud MS Azure speaker giving Cloud 101 speech to Cloud grad students. Instead of pablum, how bout substance. What will it be? When?

"#xcloud Greg Arnette fm Sonian speaking.. Probably the sharpest cloud tech East of the Valley

"#xcloud Conference: Iron Mountain speaker.. Nothing new here... Next!"

*    *    *    *

I am currently reviewing the Azure presentation. If you are interested in Microsoft’s Azure, a new paper by David Chappell, "Introducing Windows Azure",was posted on the Azure Website in December.

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