Monday, May 31, 2010

Virtual Machines for Harvard Commencement

Dear Reader: each year at the Harvard Commencement, three graduating students speak to approximately 32,000 students, faculty, parents, alumni/ae, and guests. As the first anthem concludes, a senior strides to the microphone and announces, "Salvete omnes!" What follows is one of the oldest of Harvard traditions - an oration in Latin. Although we had no similar tradition at MIT, I thought I would contribute this modest effort to the cause of improving communication between layabouts studying long-dead topics and superheroes developing exciting new technology.

Salavete omnes! VM est omnis divisa in partes tres, placitum et inventor Bob Creasy. Primary component eram hypervisor. Alter CMS , sermo monitor ratio. tertius eram RSCS , Longinquus Spooling Defero Subsystem. Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Hypervisor. Dissimilis alius IBM operating ratio VM /370, quod suus decessor CP -40 quod CP /67, postulo proprius intentio repono tutela quod relocation hardware. Creasy had seen mane in et relocation hardware could soleo suggero rectum apparatus pariter et rectum memoria. Is insight venit et him dum inrideo MBTA LXXVII bus ex Arlington ut Cambridge.

EGO propono a toast ut IBM Cambridge Scientific Center quod et suus farsighted procurator , Norm Rasmussen.


  1. "rectum apparatus" suggests a colonoscopy or worse. Since it is supposed to designate "virtual machine", I recommend the combination of machina (as in "deus ex machina") and phantasma or effigia (e.g. ghostly or surrogate) be used instead.

  2. George, I am never ceased to be impressed by your talents. At first I thought you used Google Translate, until I realized Latin is not in their repertoire. Bravo!

    Nontheless, I thought you would be amused by the latin to english translator at "" (in the spirit of rotten meat and vodka...):

    Salavete omnes! VM is all to divide upon faction three , accord and contriver Bob Creator. Primary to put together was hypervisor. The second CMS , discussion monitor system. third was RSCS , Remote Spooling To hand over Subsystem. Of these omnium fortissimi are Hypervisor. Unlike other IBM work system VM 370, and his retiree CP 40 and CP 67, to ask one's own intention to deposit protection and relocation hardware. Creator fueram seen morning upon and relocation hardware could to be accustomed to bring up to guide equipment likewise and to guide memory. This badge came and him until to laugh at MBTA LXXVII bus out of Arlington when Cambridge.EGO display a toast when IBM Cambridge Knowledge A fleet of a hundred ships and and his farsighted manager , Organization Rasmussen

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