Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mobile Startups at the MIT Museum - June 7th

If you can make it into Cambridge, Mobile Monday is taking over the MIT Museum for a night of mobile exhibitions, food, and drink on June 7th. Come see new mobile startups including Springpad, Peekaboo, RaizLabs, Zazu, Vendee, Two forty four am, LiquidBits, uGuideMe, Delfigo Security, Hello Vino, Tweetworks, Adva Mobile, Sayagle, and many more.

Date: Monday, June 7th from 6.30pm to 9pm.

Location: MIT Museum in Cambridge.

Register at the Mobile Monday Boston Web Site.
As you enter the MIT Museum, directly across Windsor Street is MIT's Barta Building (now building N42) which housed  the famous Whirlwind  project, which I described in an earlier post. Built in 1904, the building was restored to its original brick exterior with its distinctive gargoyles in 1997-8. It is neigh impossible to overstate the significance of Whirwind to the development of Route 128 as a center of computing technology and venture capital.

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