Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can you make money writing Smart Phone Apps for Android?

Apparently so, says Edward Kim, who released his “car locator” application five months ago and now has sales of $13,000 a month.

“I was a really happy camper because what started as a little side-project while I was vacationing with my family, turned into a few extra bucks for lunch money every day. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to say the app has continued its upward trend and is now beyond my wildest fantasy of what could have been possible.” says Kim

Kim's Numbers:

• About 70,000 downloads of the free version

• 6,590 downloads of the paid version

• Price of the app was raised from $1.99 to $3.99

• The app steadily climbed the charts, briefly reaching a peak of #4 in the Travel category for paid apps.

So the gold rush isn’t over yet, in fact, it may be just beginning. My thanks to Kim for sharing his numbers with us. For more detail, check his post.

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